Sustainable Personnel Recruitment

Filling vacancies with suitable candidates is becoming increasingly complex. This is becoming more and more noticeable not only due to a demography-related shortage of specialists, but also due to the changing demands on the labour market (e.g. urbanisation, cultural change, feminisation) and on new working models (e.g. trend towards part-time work, double-peak models, agile management approaches). Eight out of ten clinics have problems filling vacancies. At the same time, doctor-patient contacts are increasing.

We support clinics and practices with our holistic concept and state-of-the-art personnel (placement) methods to attract competent and committed doctors and to retain them in the long term:


Modern and professional recruitment of doctors

Search for specialists who fit your individual requirements (professional/social competence)

Individual support for employers and candidates

Activation of our network, personal contacts and modern IT-based recruiting methods paired with modern applicant candidate management. Our mission is “to bring together who fits together”.

Selection of Personnel

Preliminary interviews with the candidates on their life situation, motivation and, as far as possible, professional experience as well as evidence-based pre-selection of candidates in the selection process. Verification of formal qualifications, proof of qualification and references (licence to practise medicine, medical specialist certificate, language, etc.).

Personal Interviews

Organisation of personal meetings (telephone/video conferencing/personal) between the client and the candidates (travel costs for candidates excluded) as well as support from a professional point of view.

For EU/non-EU doctors

Support in the recognition procedure

Relocation Process

Accompaniment and support in arriving in the new environment, e.g. communication with public authorities, housing search, day care centre/school

Business Coaching in the Onboarding Process

Incl. 6-month business coaching for successful and sustainable onboarding of new colleagues/executives

If required: professional and value-based exit management

Accompany separations value-based and create a win-win situation for both sides

Our objective: Sustainability for your success!

Attract competent and committed specialists and bind them to your clinic or surgery in the long term with our holistic concept.

To be an attractive employer is the best strategy for a successful personnel management, for plannable personnel costs and to counteract the lack of qualified personnel in the company!