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Human Resources Management

is the keys to sustainability

Agile Strategic Human Resources Management

The job market in the medical sector is currently changing at a rapid pace.

On the one hand, demographic conditions have increased the demands of the younger generations of doctors on the labour market (trend: e.g. part-time work, employment relationships, changing gender relations, changes in work and company culture). On the other hand, the number of doctor-patient contacts is constantly increasing.

For this it is necessary to find contemporary and sustainable answers individually for the clinic: e.g. How do we become attractive as an employer? Which motivation systems can be interesting for specialists? How can qualified personnel be recruited in a more targeted manner and, above all, be retained for longer periods of time? What could an attractive and modern personnel development look like for us? How can the working ability of our specialists be maintained until retirement? What consequences can this have for the professional and disciplinary management of performance units?

Modern Clinic Management

Clear organisational structures, responsibilities, efficient processes and open communication are essential for the success of a clinic.

With new technologies and applications, more standard processes can be automated through efficient practice management. This allows professionals to concentrate more on their core medical competencies. Digitalization is also increasingly becoming an economic success factor or non-success factor in the medical sector. Whether digital processes find acceptance and relieve the daily workload in clinics, however, depends to a large extent on the human factor.


A future-proof, strategic personnel & clinic management that also addresses the contemporary requirements for everyday working life on an operative level is the best foundation for the sustainable success of your clinic and for your attractiveness as an employer!


Agile Strategic Human Resources Management

Sustainable and empowering human resources management concepts for HR recruitment, onboarding, leadership culture/models, job profiles, personnel deployment planning, HR development concepts, working time models, HR marketing, motivational models, etc.

Motivating Clinic Culture

Definition of the individual value culture & visions of the clinic, e.g. Who do we want to be, what is our target image? What do we stand for a) for our patients b) for our specialists? How can we retain our “key employees”?

Supportive Quality Management

e.g. introduction of clear process structures and processes (with checklists and digital support), responsibilities, further qualification measures, employee/patient surveys, complaint management, continuous qualitative improvement cycle (learning culture)

Digitalized Clinic Management

Introduction of digitalized processes to reduce the burden of routine tasks on medical personnel. Automation of workflows without large personnel costs, e.g. appointment management, patient contacts, treatment documentation, material management, quality assurance, billing or controlling/key figures, networking with partners in the health sector.
We support clinics in analysing the current situation and defining, introducing or further developing individual HR and clinic management. For and with your team, find contemporary answers to the working world that suit your clinic!