Successful due to the first 100 days in your new position!

Management of employees, successful communication and motivation are not only the central tasks of superiors (chief physicians, senior physicians, administrative managers, persons in a coordinating function). At the same time, the management of employees is one of the greatest challenges in everyday clinical life.

The entry into your new position lays the foundation for your future employment relationship, both with the employer and with the
Team. The first 100-180 days are decisive for how you will be perceived in your new function in the future and how you will be received.


It is the key whether your new position will be fulfilling or exhausting!


Topics can be:


Communication Expertise

e.g. verbal-non-verbal communication, third effect, appearance, body language, conflicts appreciative – but clear solution,
Feedback as an instrument of employee development

Personality Competence

oriented towards: Leading myself – Leading my team – Leading my tasks

Leadership Skills

e.g. modern leadership methods, authentic leadership, learning work culture, contemporary motivation systems, courage to authority/lead

Strategic Expertise

e.g. development of strategic target images, further development of a modern clinic/team management, strategic HR planning and HR development, employee retention models

Digital Competence

e.g. understanding digitisation, building digital competences, developing strategies for the use of digital technologies

We support you in your successful entry into your new area of responsibility. And support you in your day-to-day management!

We support you with our more than 30 years of experience in international Human Resource Management and many years of experience in accompanying clinics in HR management and coaching.