Business Coaching

Successful in day-to-day management – achieving goals together with the team

Management of employees, communication, motivation and the qualification of employees is one of the greatest challenges in the daily clinic/surgery routine for chief physicians, senior physicians, specialists, administrative managers and persons in a coordinating function.

Whether the defined goals are achieved, procedures and processes run smoothly and are clear and comprehensible for everyone, how high the personnel costs are, whether the environment is characterised by high employee loyalty or high employee fluctuation and whether there is a high willingness to perform or a high level of sickness: All this can be significantly influenced as a manager. This has to be considered in particular under the aspect that competent and committed employees are increasingly difficult to recruit and, above all, to retain at the clinic/surgery.


The type of cooperation, leadership, values and corporate culture in the healthcare sector will undergo major changes in the coming years. On the one hand due to the changed demands on the labour market, new work models and a changing gender relationship, on the other hand due to the advancing digitalisation in the health care sector.

The new demands on the labour market mean that new skills for managers are becoming key criteria:

The manager as mentor and coach who motivates the team members and enables them to achieve their goals!


We support you as a manager or specialist in the medical or personnel area with individual management coaching to use the necessary modern spectrum of methods to improve your professional leadership situations.

Topics in business coaching can be among others:


Communication Expertise

e.g. verbal-non-verbal communication, third effect, appearance, body language, conflicts management,
Feedback as an instrument of employee development

Personality Competence

oriented towards: Leading myself – Leading my team – Leading my tasks


Leadership Skills

e.g. modern leadership methods, authentic leadership, learning work culture, contemporary motivation systems, courage to authority/lead

Strategic Expertise

e.g. development of strategic target images, further development of a modern clinic/office/team management, strategic personnel planning and personnel development, employee retention models

Digital Competence

e.g. understanding digitalisation, building digital competences, developing strategies for the use of digital technologies
Our objective: Sustainability for your success!

Attract competent and committed specialists and bind them to your clinic in the long term with our holistic concept.

Being an attractive employer is the best strategy for successful personnel management, plannable personnel costs and counteracting the shortage of skilled personnel in the company!